Quiche a la Lorraine

Roast Chicken

Mint Sauce

Pommes de terre Parisienne

Quiche a la Lorraine


Prep time:           90minutes


Short crust-
Refined flour                          120gms
Butter                                     60gms
Chilled water                          15-20ml
Egg                                          1nos
Cream                                     125ml
Bacon                                      50gms
Ham                                        50gms
Cheese                                    50gms
Seasoning                               to taste
Line a plain or fluted flan case with ordinary short crust paste. Cover the base with thin rashers of bacon and ham which has been slightly sauté in little oil.
Cover with thin slice/dice of cheese. Fill the flan with a mixture of egg, cream and seasoning. Bake in a moderate oven for about 30-35 minutes and into triangles whilst just warm.
Ø Fill the flan mixture till the top.
Roast Chicken
Prep time:           2Hours
Chicken                                   1no
Mire poix                                250gms
Oil                                           30ml
Worcestershire sauce            20ml
Seasoning                               to taste
Herbs                                      1/2gm
Mustard powder          1/4tspn
Marinate in the marinade overnight. Prepare chicken for roasting. Place the chicken over a bed of mirepoix vegetables. Roast in the oven for 75minutes, basting frequently. Disjoint, place on a plate or a platter and serve with accompanying vegetables and a sauce.
Ø For better results use olive oil and add white wine in the marination.
Ø Advisable to use chicken with skin.
Mint Sauce
Prep time:           20minutes
Mint leaves                            25gms
Brown/castor sugar               10gms
Vinegar                                   20ml
Seasoning                               to taste
Water                                     15ml
Chop mint leaves after washing. Place in a basin and mix in sugar, vinegar and water. Mix all the ingredients. Serve with hot or cold roast lamb.
Ø Use brown sugar and malt vinegar.
Pommes de terre Parisienne
Prep time:           25minutes
Potatoes (large)                     500gms
Seasoning                               to taste
Parsley                                    2sprigs
Meat glaze                             20ml
Oil                                           to fry
Peel, wash and scoop out potatoes the size of a large ball. Boil them in salted water. Drain. Deep fry. Roll them in melted pale meat glaze and sprinkled with chopped parsley.
Ø Can be prepared without meat glaze.

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