Cabbage Chowder

Poulet a le rex

Pommes de terre marquise

Cabbage Chowder

Prep time: 45minutesCabbage 200gms
Onions 50gms
Tomatoes            100gms
Capsicum  20gms
Water 600ml
Butter 10gm
Flour                 10gm
Milk                  200ml
Processed cheese 20gms
Paprika a pinch
Salt and pepper to tasteMethod:
Prepare and chop vegetables finely. Put vegetables in water and boil for 15 minutes. Prepare white sauce and add to the soup. Add seasoning, paprika and cheese. Stir till cheese melts. Serve hot.Tips:
 You can replace water with either vegetable stock or chicken stock.

Ratatoille! Poulet rex! Pommes de terre marquise!
Ratatoille! Poulet rex! Pommes de terre marquise!

Poulet a le rex

Prep time: 90 minutes

Chicken 1nos
Mushroom         100gms
Cream 50ml
Capsicum          50gms
Parsley             a few sprigs
Salt and pepper to taste
Bread 2 slices
Butter 25gms

Butter 15gms
Flour                15gms
Stock 300ml

Poach chicken with bouquet garni and mirepoix. Cool, debone and dice 1”. Chop mushrooms and capsicum. Sauté mushrooms and capsicum in butter. Add diced chicken and veloute. Check seasoning. Add in cream. Trim the sides of bread and shallow fry in a pan till golden and crisp. Place portions of chicken mixture on fried bread and serve immediately garnished with chopped parsley.

 Chicken may also be cut into strips.
 Cooking by poach method ensures that the chicken stays soft and juicy.
 White wine may also be added.


Prep time:60minutes

Capsicum         150gms
Tomatoes         300gms
Veg marrow      10gms
Egg plant          150gms
Onions             50gms
Oil                  20ml
Garlic              1 pod
Salt and pepper to taste
Bread 2 slices

Prepare tomato concasse. Peel marrow. Discard seeds, cut into dices. Parboil. Keep aside. Peel onions, slice finely. Fine chop garlic. Thinly slice brinjals or dice. Apply salt. Heat oil till very hot. Add the onions and green capsicum. Sauté lightly, add the parboiled marrow and aubergine . continue cooking. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in concasse and chopped garlic. Cover pan. Simmer until marrow and aubergines are cooked stirring occasionally. Serve hot, surrounded with triangles of croutons/toast.

 Olive oil and garlic is a must for this dish.

Pommes de terre marquise

Prep time: 45minutes

Potatoes           300gms
Salt and pepper to taste
Egg                1/2no
Egg yolk          1no
Tomatoes         125gms
Garlic 2-3 flakes
Oil                  5ml

Prepare mashed potatoes (as for pommes de terre a la crème).Season. Add in egg yolks. Prepare tomato concasse. On a greased baking sheet pipe the potatoes being hollow in the centre. Set them in a hot oven/salamander for about 3 to 5 minutes. Remove and brush over the beaten egg. Return to oven/salamander and cook till light brown. Fill the cavity with tomato concasse.

 20ml of milk and a pinch of nutmeg will improve both flavor and texture.

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