poatatoes (tumdi / pahari variety) 1/2 kg
salt to taste
green chilli (chopped) 4nos
ginger chopped 1tspn
coriander leaves 2 tspn
pomegranate seeds (fresh) 50 gms
corn flour 30 gms
roasted jeera powder 1 tspn
dry fenugreek leaves 1/2 tspn
clarified fat to shallow fry


Wash potatoes. Boil in salted water till done. cool. Peel and wash. Add salt and all remaining ingredients except pomegranate seeds and fat. Mix properly. Divide into equal balls weighing 50-60 gms each. Apply oil in palms of your hand. Flatten the balls on the palms. Place divide pomegranate seeds in the center and stuff them. Dust the tikkies in a little corn flour. Keep aside. Heat fat on a griddle. Shallow fry the stuffed potatoes on both the sides. Till golden. Now flatten them by pressing them. Remove and serve with potato straws and green chutney.


coriander leaves 100gms
mint leaves 20gms
chopped ginger 5gms
chopped onions 10gms
deskinned, deseeded tomatoes 1nos
honey 1 tbspn
lime juice 10ml
green chilli 2nos
yogurt 20ml
salt to taste


Put all ingredients on a silbatta (grinding stone). Grind to a smooth paste or in a mixer cum grinder. adjust seasoning.

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