Refined flour 200gms
Desi ghee 40gms
Water 75ml
Oil to fry
Khoya 125gms
Cashew nuts 15gms
Almonds 20gms
Sunflower seeds (charonji) 20gms
Kishmish 30gms
Cardamom powder 10gms
Boora 75gms
Pistachio 10gms
Grated dried coconut (gola) ¼ nos
Crush cashew nuts, almond & pistachio. Mash khoya. Keep aside.
Put flour in a bowl. Melt fat & add to flour. Mix with finger tips. Add in water. Mix & knead lightly to form smooth & soft dough. Cover & rest the dough for 20minutes.
Meanwhile, heat khoya in kadahi, when it melts, reduce until dry. When golden, add in all ingredients except boora. Take off from fire, when cool, mix in boora.

To form gujjias, divide dough into 15 equal pieces. Round them, flatten them. Roll out into neat circles 2.5 inch diameter. Add in a tablespoon of filling in the centre. Grease the edges with water. Now fold to form a semi- circle to semi circle. Press the edges. Give a nice design by pleating the edges. Fry to the gujjias in fat/ oil to a nice golden colour. Remove & drain. Serve hot.

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