·        Vegetable & fruit carvings
·        Ice carving
·        Sugar display
·        Tallow / butter sculpture
·        Salt doughs
·        Thermocol carvings
·        Jelly logo
Refine flour 910gm
Water 480ml
Salt 455gms
Egg wash as required
Method –
Combine the flour & salt. Mix in just enough water to make fairly stiff dough. Roll out to the desired thickness about ¼ inches for most uses & brush the pieces with egg wash & bake at 375° F until the piece have a pleasant light brown colour.
NOTE- When make large piece, check to be sure they are dry enough so that it do not break in the oven also keep the dough.
It is used from 300year but it is outdated because of the popularity that the other non edible food display that has gained over the past few years also the tallow raincid very fast & hence cannot be kept for long time the traditional formula for making tallow culture is as follows:
1.     1/3 animal fat
2.     1/3 paraffin wax
3.     1/3 bee wax
Render pork, lamb or beef & pass through a multi- layer muslin or cheese cloth & set aside.
Over a medium heat melt paraffin wax & bee wax.

Combine all ingredients & stir until thoroughly incorporated pour into non pours & heat resistance container & allow cooling completely at room temperature.

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