Cottage cheese 200gms
Salt to taste
Crushed peppercorns 4nos
Coriander powder ½ tspn
Red chilli powder ½ tspn
Garam masala powder ¼ tspn
Kasoori methi a pinch
Chaat masala ¼ tspn
 Besan 100gms
Salt to taste
Ajwaiin seeds ¼ tspn
Water (approx) 100ml
Groundnut / mustard oil for frying

Cut paneer into 1 inch square pieces about ½ cm thick. Sprinkle all ingredients except chaat masala, keep aside for 30 minutes. Meanwhile prepare batter by mixing all ingredients in a bowl, the consistency should be coating and smooth. Heat oil, dip the paneer cubes in the batter and immediately immerse in the oil. Fry on both sides until golden brown and crisp. Remove and place on an absorbent paper, sprinkle chaat masala and dish out on a plate. Serve hot accompanied with mint / tomato chutneys and crunchy radish salad.

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