Chicken breast                       1pc (boneless)
Olive oil                                  50ml
Worcestershire sauce            2ml
Mix dried herbs                     a pinch
Salt                                          to taste
Mustard powder          a pinch
Crushed peppercorns            6 nos
French beans                         30gms
Lemon juice                           5ml
Garlic (chopped)                    3 cloves
Garnish: tomato flower, tomato slice and lemon wedge
Preparation: Trim the chicken breast and rub in marinade of 10ml oil, Worcestershire sauce, herbs, mustard powder, peppercorns and salt. Keep aside for about 1 hour. String beans cut into half lengthwise and again half them. Boil and cook in salted water till done and crunchy. Drain, refresh and dry in neat and clean cloth. Toss the beans in dressing of 10ml oil, limejuice, salt, garlic. Place the beans in the center of a half plate. Heat the remaining oil, brown the chicken breast on both sides and cook on a gentle fire, turning the chicken frequently. When cooked put the rest over the beans and place the plate garnishes. Serve immediately. Registered & Protected